Fuel Gas Drying & Conditioning

Fuel Gas Drying & Conditioning


Fuel gas conditioning systems are used for treatment of raw production gas. They are designed to deliver clean, treated gas that is necessary for gas-driven equipment such as turbines and generators.

Even small amounts of liquids and/or solids or over-pressurized gas entering the combustion chamber will have detrimental effects. Our systems are designed to protect gas-fuelled engines and turbines from over-pressure, liquids, solids and aerosols. Furthermore, heating the gas properly above the dew point of the water and hydrocarbon prevents liquid condensation in the combustion chambers.

The treated gas can also be used as seal gas, blanketing gas or utility gas.

PSC S.p.A. Engineering & Contracting (PSC) can design fuel gas conditioning systems, as fuel gas skids, fuel gas systems or fuel gas filtration and heating packages.