Process Reaction (Liquid and Gas Phases)

Process Reaction (Liquid and Gas Phases)


PSC S.r.l. Engineering & Contracting (PSC) has strong knowledge in chemical process reactions that occur in a single phase (gaseous, liquid) homogeneous.

The most important of homogeneous chemical reactions are between:

  • Gases (e.g., the combination of common household gas and oxygen to produce a flame);
  • Liquids or substances dissolved in liquids (e.g., the reactions between aqueous solutions of acids and bases);
  • Gas and liquid (production of carboxylic acids from the oxidation of vegetable oil in two steps hydroxylation and oxidation of the double bonds of the unsaturated fatty acids, via reactants hydrogen peroxide, air at low temperature conditions and liquid catalyst).

The chemical reactions in homogeneous phase are simpler than heterogeneous type and occur in
continuous flow stirred tank reactor (CSTR), usually equipped with heating jacket coils.