Solvent Recovery

Solvent Recovery


Solvent recovery is a special package to resolve the issue of the vapour solvent released to atmosphere by industrial facilities, saving the cost for the fresh solvent consumption and removing obnoxious, toxic odours emitted in the atmosphere (comply with environmental pollution controls), for increased workers safety.

The contaminated airflow is pre-filtered and pre-treated for the humidity removal (by cooling and heating steps) and then treated by adsorption packed bed materials. The solvents are retained into the adsorbent material pores and the cleansed air is discharged to the atmosphere.

Through staggered adsorption and desorption cycles, each adsorbent bed is periodically regenerated by counter flow of steam or hot inert gas, stripping the volatile solvents to condensation step and then to solvent recovery unit.

PSC S.r.l. Engineering & Contracting (PSC)  designs any solvent recovery unit to meet each customer’s requirement. Gravity decanters are usually used for the separation of immiscible liquids (non-miscible in water). Other processing as air, steam stripping and thermal distillation are applied as final alternative solvent treatment and recovery.

This package is applied to the following industrial manufacturing:

  • Adhesive tapes;
  • Pharmaceutical production;
  • Composite gaskets;
  • Peroxides compounds;
  • Rubbers, chemical products;
  • Weather proof sheeting;
  • Tablet coating;
  • Synthetic leather;
  • Packing industry.