Urea & Ammonia Handling, Dosing & Vaporizing

Urea & Ammonia Handling, Dosing & Vaporizing


New environmental regulations require many industrial boilers and commercial combustion processes (as example incinerators) to be equipped with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) of Nitrous Oxide Emissions. The SCR process typically utilizes injection of ammonia or urea upstream of a catalyst to reduce the emissions to elemental nitrogen.

PSC S.r.l. Engineering & Contracting (PSC) provides handling and dosing unit, for ammonia and urea solution, ranging from a small feed tank to a reactor and vaporized under pressure to supply a product gas stream of ammonia, carbon dioxide, and water vapor. The product gas is then mixed with heated air supplied from an electric heater or from heat exchangers on the skid unit and routed to the injection grid upstream of the SCR unit.

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