Well Water Treatment

Well Water Treatment

PSC S.p.A. Engineering & Contracting (PSC) has an extensive experience in the treatment of well water.

The well water contains high salinity, total suspended solids, iron, manganese, nitrate content that is not suitable for the industrial service such as drinking and irrigation.

Following one of the possible flow scheme treatments that PSC can apply to a well water:

  • Chemical disinfection to reduce the bacteria content and chemically oxidise the iron, manganese to be easily removed by next physical filtration, using chlorine injection;
  • Iron and manganese removal filters that reduce that substance by a special catalysed bed filtering media;
  • Arsenic removal filters, to reduce the arsenic, by a special adsorption media to achieve the low content;
  • Electro dialysis process based on the ion exchange membranes separation and electric voltage to remove the dissolved salts (several drinking plants for nitrate removal);
  • UV sterilizers as final disinfection, when post chlorination is not applied, (limitations due to by chlorine products).

The treated water can be used for drinking, irrigation and other industrial services.

Schematic of the electrodialysis process.