Lake Water Treatment

Lake Water Treatment

Lake water contains salinity, total suspended solids, organic matter, algae, content, that is not suitable for the industrial service as irrigation, or to feed steam boilers.

Here follows an example of a flow scheme treatment that PSC S.r.l. Engineering & Contracting (PSC) can design:

  • Chemical disinfection to reduce the bacteria content and chemically oxidise some organics by Chlorine Injection;
  • Self-cleaning filters that remove the coarse suspended solid particles;
  • Microfiltration membranes to separate the fine and colloidal particles (for drinking water);
  • Organic IX resin scavenger to reduce the organics content and protect the next process against the fouling;
  • IX resin demineralization to remove totally the dissolved salinity from the water (in order to get demi water);
  • Mixed bed to achieve the strict to feed steam boilers (medium and high pressure condition).

The treated water will be used for drinking, for irrigation and other industrial services.

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