Automation and Distribution

Automation and Distribution

PSC Srl Engineering and Contracting was created in 1989 and started operating as an engineering consultant for electrical, instrumentation and control specialties for industrial plants. In the following years, PSC expanded its range of services becoming one of the most respected suppliers of Integrated Control and Automation systems.

Now PSC Srl. Engineering and Contracting has a dedicated division called: Automation and Distribution Division.

The Automation and Control Division can develop the following kinds of integrated automation systems:

  • DCS – Distributed Control Systems
  • PLC – Programmable Logic Systems
  • ESD – Emergency Shut-Down
  • SCADA/HMI – Supervision Systems
  • Remote Control Systems
  • Telecommunication Systems
  • Network Systems

PSC personnel has an enviable professional reputation, in terms of: analysing the process engineering document in order to optimise the relevant control system; keeping up-to-date on current technological releases and products; problem solving during the development of the project and during the installation phase; sense of responsibility towards the client and the partners of the project.

The Distribution Division is devoted to the supply of Low Voltage/ Medium Voltage distribution panels. From the hybrid PLC/MSC panels, PSC production evolved to the realisation of dedicated LV/MV panels.

Typical PSC Features Include:

  • Room for circuit breakers
  • Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel or Aluminum Construction
  • A frame to form a rigid self-supporting structure
  • Matched panels, trim, doors and frames
  • Painting process based on Client Specification (if any) or on PSC’s standard.

Automation and Distribution Division of PSC Srl. Engineering and Contracting has a remarkable reference list, built up as a supplier to international EPC Contractors (Dégremont Suez, Tecnimont, GE Water & Process Technology, etc), End Users (SCOP, Matrìca JV ENI-Novamont, etc), as well as a supplier of integration systems to components Brands (Emerson Process, ABB, Schneider Electric, etc).