Process engineering

Process engineering

Birne process is a “customer oriented” business, is able to deliver the following engineering services:

a) Feed basis and consulting

  • Project description and scope of supply
  • Feasibility study (definition or technical support of appropriate process treatment with relevant technical reasons and conclusions)
  • Process description and theoretical principles
  • Project design data and performance
  • Process flow diagram, heat and material balance
  • P&I drawings
  • Selection of the important technologist sub-vendor
  • Process data sheet of main equipment and instruments
  • Utility consumption list
  • Chemical list and consumption
  • Battery limits
  • General lay-out with equipment arrangement
  • Preliminary process risk review and recommendations
  • Preliminary estimation of plant CAPEX and OPEX
  • Preliminary environmental impact study
  • Site survey

b) Detailing design engineering

  • Evaluation, examination of the customer’s technical project specifications and standards
  • Process sizing of main equipment, interconnecting lines by own calculation software or by sub-vendor software
  • Process calculations reports
  • Technical specifications of the main process equipment or particular on-line instrumentation (technical characteristics, construction material, requisition for their proper operation and maintenance, etc..)
  • Hydraulic profile with relevant computations
  • Line list
  • Automation control system description (control loops, interlock, alarms, automatic sequence, etc..)
  • Cause effect charts
  • Tabulation and comparison of the sub-vendor’s quotation and documentation (in some case also inspection to his office and facility for qualification process)
  • Review and comments to mechanical drawings of the designed plant (section view, construction drawings, details, installation, etc..)
  • Operating and maintenance manuals (trouble shooting guideline, operating parameters, chemical laboratory test, safety procedure and plant optimization, etc..)
  • Performance test procedure
  • FAT and SAT procedures
  • Hazop meeting attending and activity
  • Coordination and assistance to pre-commissioning, commission and start-up, on-site testing (SAT)
  • Training, technical assistance and remote support to plant operation and conduction

c) Upgrading and retrofit of the existing plant

  • Operational data collection and mathematical statics analysis
  • Identification and resolutions of the existing process bottleneck, inefficiency or failure
  • Process simulation by own know-how software or by sub-supplier software
  • Replacing, revisions and retrofitting of the existing process equipment
  • Process operating procedures and best engineering practice
  • Coordination with third party for any additional inspection, test measurement

d) Research and development activity

  • Planning, scheduling and conduction of the small scale pilot test or bench scale test
  • Selection and cooperation of: innovative process, Best Available Technology or competitive key sub-supplier on market
  • Development or improvement of our own process equipment proprietary Know how
  • Cooperation with external laboratory institute, company (ISO certified and accredited, for any material test, tool calibration, chemical analysis, etc..)
  • Literature research via web link data base, library and specialized magazines