Hot Oil Packages

Hot Oil Packages


Hot oil packages are designed to store and transfer heat transfer fluids used for industrial heating. Birne Process is the ‘Special Process Packages and Process Engineering’ Division of PSC Srl Engineering and Contracting. Birne Process can provide customized hot oil packages.

The heat transfer fluid is normally stored in an elevated insulated vessel skid mounted. Special high temperature centrifugal pumps are installed to circulate the heat media fluid from the storage tank through an electric process heater, gas fired heater or exhaust heat exchanger. The heat transfer fluid’s elevated temperature is then used to safely heat a process system and is then returned to the storage vessel. This package is usually applicable, when the steam heating is not feasible and not convenient.

Our systems include:

  • A storage tank with its accompanying loading pump
  • An expansion tank with Nitrogen blanketing,
  • A fired heater,
  • Filter package
  • Set of recirculation pumps.
  • All the requisite instrumentation for the system is
  • Skid full assembling